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Posted by Administrator (websitebaker) on Feb 23 2018
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we are pleased to announce today the stable version 2.11.0 of WebsiteBaker!

WB-2.11.0 is the successor version of 2.10.x. It is a complete package and contains everything that has been published in the context of the 2.10.x Core.
An upgrade is possible from all of the 2.10.x versions. But never from earlier ones versions before 2.10.x.

The most important changes in and from the 2.11.x core
  • supports PHP versions from 5.6 up to 7.2.2, older versions of PHP are no longer supported!
  • supports MySQLi strict mode
  • Consistently supports the UTF-8 or UTF8mb4 character set (changable in Installer or via UpgradeScript
  • Installer: Support for http and https.
  • Captcha: not longer in IFRAME, changable text color light / dark for type "Calculation as Text"
  • Media Upload: Protection against uploading unauthorized file types, default resize settings for picture upload, Unzip-process incl resize works now
  • Form: new formular generator, possibility to export and import fields and layouts
  • News: supports multiple news archives and categories, supports moderated commenting system for visitors
  • Output_filter: all scripts set with register_modfiles can be set in the output_filter enabled / disabled
    Extended error handling
    The already existing error handling in WB 2.10.0 has been extended by a few setting possibilities.
    The error reporting setting in the WB options has been re-enabled.
    The following settings are possible:
  • "Switched Off" = No error messages.
  • "Production Mode" = All error messages are not suppressed by the @error control operator.
  • "Developer Mode" = Show all error messages, even those with @error control operator.

    Multilingual addon has been included in the package and no longer needs to be optionally installed.
    Support of hreflang is also possible.

    Good to know
  • multi-dimensional language-variabel-arrays not longer supported (deprecated since 2010). see info's about this and a How-To-Repair here
  • $wb->preprocess() is since any years a empty function without a job. WB show's now an info about this (filename, line etc). Solution: simple remove a line like this or comment it out

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.11.0
The WebsiteBaker team

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