1. Language, Date and Time...

WebsiteBaker CMS - Backend (Administration)


WebsiteBaker supports various languages. The default language can be set via Settings > Default Settings > Language

There you can change your  Timezone and the view of the format from time and date.





Each user can change his basic preferences like language, time zone or display format of date and time

via Preferences > My Settings.

Now you better get along with the backend of the easy WebsiteBaker CMS


2. The Offline Help Files...

This pages are HTML Files that are preselected before the real WebsiteBaker CMS installation starts. You can skip these help pages only with a little change of the starting path of the webserver Server2Go.

If you are skilled with WebsiteBaker CMS and the Server2Go Webserver you can change this path.

Search in the Portable Dir for this file:
pms_config.ini - in the root folder of WebsiteBaker Portable

change this line 39 to


if you wanna have the backend of WebsiteBaker at start


if you wanna have the frontend of WebsiteBaker at start


3. Additional Stuff?


Webdeveloper Toolbar

One of the best and biggest Tool for Webdeveloping ist this addon. There are many functions that expand your toolkit.

Download Add-ons for Firefox Webdeveloper

Firebug Addon

Firebug ist a usefull addon, too. You can use it for fast editing the html and css code. It help's while debugging problems and you can use mouse right click to get details of any element of the viewed webpage.

Download Add-ons for Firefox Firebug