What is WebsiteBaker portable about

The WebsiteBaker portable project combines the easy to use content management system WebsiteBaker with the out of the box server solution USBWebserver8.

This allows you to test and run WebsiteBaker in a local test environment by one click.

Portable startpage


  • Download the WB-Portable ZIP
  • Unzip and start the WebsiteBaker-Portable.exe

The server starts and your default browser will show the WB-Portable startpage.

Language settings

WebsiteBaker supports various languages. The default language can be set via

Settings > Default Settings > Language.

Each user can change his basic preferences like language, time zone or
display format of date and time via

Preferences > My Settings.

WebsiteBaker official support

Please visit the official WebsiteBaker Help site to learn more about WebsiteBaker. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to visit the  WebsiteBaker Forum.

WebsiteBaker Add-ons (modules and templates)

There exists about 100 WebsiteBaker templates which can be used free of charge. Check out the official WebsiteBaker Template Repository, or use the German Template Search to find your template!

Modules allow you to extend the capabilities of WebsiteBaker. Check out the official WebsiteBaker Add-ons Repository to find the modules available.


WebsiteBaker Portable Access (only local)

IP Adress:




Access to the MySQL Database


User: wbdemo
Pwd: admin



Thanks to the Server2go developer Timo Haberkern (older WB-Portable versions) and
the USBWebserver developers.

Thanks to Christian Sommer (aka doc) for the initial idea.
Graphics and logo design by Christian M. Stefan (aka Stefek).

Thanks to the WebsiteBaker Community for the support and encouragement to make this project happen  Donation-Link.

Thanks to all the people who supported this project, especially Martin Freudenreich (aka mr-fan) for starting the project.

Have fun baking!

WebsiteBaker Org e.V.