WB-Portable 2.8.3 SP3
WebsiteBaker Portable 2.8.3 SP3 in the download area.
Including latest fixes (core & news).
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Welcome on our new location, the new server and new home of WebsiteBaker.org
The Portable WebsiteBaker Project was moved from websitebaker-portable.com to http://portable.websitebaker.org

All in one house:




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Portable with PHP 5.4

Now in the downloadarea:

WB-Portable 2.8.3 with PHP5.4 and the new USBwebserver8.

Try it!

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WB-Portable with PHP 5.4 for testing

To modernize the WB Portable the webserver was changed from Server2Go to USBWebserver8.

  • PHP 5.4.17
  • MySQL 5.6.13
  • phpMyAdmin 4.1.0
  • MySQLDumper

Tests, Feedback and Ideas are welcome (german or english).

Downloadpage: Klick

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WebsiteBaker-Portable with PHP 5.4

Coming soon / Demnächst: WB-Portable with PHP 5.4

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